CBD Hemp Oil, Whole Plant Matrix™


Ingredients: Proprietary Whole Plant Matrix™ Oil & Herbal Blend, Avocado oil, Sweetened and Flavored with Stevia, Mint, and Pure Vanilla


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Our proprietary sublingual drops are made from whole plant products.  Our “Whole Plant Matrix” blend is created using multiple forms of least processed hemp CBD available in the marketplace.  We ensure the chlorophyll, fatty acid, plant sterols, enzymes, and other medicinal nutrients are intact and delivered in an avocado oil base.

Nature designed this pant composition this way for a reason and we respect and trust mother nature. Avocado oil provides oleic acid in addition to a spectrum of B-vitamins potassium, and vitamin K to name a few. Sweetened and flavored with stevia, mint, and pure vanilla, each ingredient contributes to wellness.

So when you use Whole Plant Matrix, you are giving your body more than CBD or Full Spectrum, you are giving yourself “Nature’s Whole Spectrum” with all the medicinal benefits that the hemp plant has to offer!


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