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gramz™ is setting the standard for medicinal whole plant nutraceuticals that honors nature’s natural plant composition. Our proprietary formulations feature the least processed forms on hemp, which preserves the CBD, alongside the plant’s natural profile of metabolic essentials and medicinal attributes of fatty acids, sterols, plant flavonoid, chlorophyll, cannabinoids, terpenes, and ligands.

Our CBD Oil, ‘Whole Plant Matrix™‘ and our CBD Topical with 16 essential oils, are research-based, synthetic free and use adaptogen herbs (Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine). Together these products represent the new industry standard of Nature’s Whole Spectrum™, a product line that reaches beyond Full Spectrum, is synthetic free, and addresses the full range of a plant’s natural medicinal attributes. 

gramz™ 300mg hemp cbd + 16 essential oil blend herbal topical

A transdermal delivery system of plant based medicinal compounds deeply into the layers of the skin where it can be absorbed into the body. Transdermal delivery is great for direct application to target areas like sore muscles, joints and inflamed areas that cause pain. 

gramz™ 2000mg whole plant matrix™ hemp cbd sublingual drops

Our sublingual drops are made from whole plant products.  We ensure the plant sterols, enzymes, terpenes, and chlorophyll are intact and delivered in an avocado oil base. Nature designed this plant composition this way for a reason and we respect and trust mother nature.

What is Whole Plant Matrix™?

Whole Plant Matrix™ is a proprietary formulation utilizing various forms of plant material to preserve the components of nature’s signature profile, metabolic essentials and medicinal attributes of fatty acids, sterols, plant flavonoid, chlorophyll, cannabinoids, terpenes, and ligands.

What is Nature’s Whole Spectrum™?

While other companies settle for ‘Full Spectrum’ products that contain only a small portion of a plant’s beneficial nutrients, we embrace the inherent value of what Nature created. Nature’s Whole Spectrum™ represents the range of a plants natural medicinal attributes found in fatty acids, sterols, plant flavonoid, chlorophyll, cannabinoids, terpenes, and ligands.

we believe that the #wholeplantmatters


We’re a supplier of natural whole plant compounds in delivery systems committed to maintaining the composition of the plant’s natural source and state. We believe in this premise so much, that it’s more than just words- it’s a movement! And we are inviting you to join us!

After all, nature designed plant composition a particular way for a reason, and we respect and trust mother nature. 🙂


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Our founder has been serving healthcare professionals as well as their clients and patients for over 20 years, and absolutely loves to help patients through creating products the way that mother nature intended. Her heart and soul goes into each formulation, and patients around the world have shared that there is something special and unique about gramz™!

With a background in Cell Biology and Physiology (Bio-Chemistry) as well as a 14 year career in both holistic and allopathic medical industries, our founder has been educating medical doctors on natural management of chronic disease, “as well as “working directly with patients and their doctors with the application of whole plant formulations on multiple disease states.

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